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Sounding Godzilla: the Arkansas Arts Academy scores a cinematic classic


When most people hear the name Godzilla, it's destruction that comes immediately to mind- but as part of their live-scoring of the 1954 film, Ryan Cockerham's music and sound design class at the Arkansas Arts Academy reconstruct the soundscape.

"There is no documentation of Godzilla, because Toho is very protective of what's distributed," says Cockerham. "So this film just exists as a film. There's no screenplay, there's no nothing."

Without a full orchestra or even a script to work with, the class embraced this impossibility as an opportunity instead. 

"I think we had a pretty unique position with this film," says student Lexi Meredith. "The real question is how do we capture the real feeling and emotion of the film while capturing our own stylistic choices."

The event is at 7pm on March 28th and is free and open to the public. Listen to the full interview via the streaming link above.

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