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Natural Election

So, you want to vote in the next election. Simple right? Not necessarily. But at Natural Election, we're here to help. We're peeling back the curtain on voting and elections in Arkansas ahead of the election on November 8th. From voting rights to registering to vote and some of the quirks about elections in the Natural State.

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  • On today's episode, we hear about an initiative working to make its way onto the November ballot to make recreational marijuana legal in the state. Who's responsible for the initiative, and does it stand a chance? Plus, the runoff election is next Tuesday, but are you eligible to vote in it? You might be surprised to find out.
  • Daniel Caruth, Rachell Sanchez-Smith, and Matthew Moore get together to go over some of the big takeaways from yesterday's Primary Election.
  • It's Election Day, and we hear stories about people from all walks of life making their voices heard by going to the polls.
  • Going to the polls can be overwhelming. We want to empower you to make good decisions, be less anxious, and vote well.
  • Early voting has started in Arkansas, but maybe you need just a little bit of motivation to get out to the polls. We talk to experts about finding that motivation to vote.
  • You've registered to vote, you're planning your trip to the polls, but what exactly are primaries? We've got a breakdown of how primaries work in Arkansas and what the rules are around voting in them.
  • When it comes to voter turnout, Arkansas ranks dead last in America. So low, in fact, that on more than one occasion in Arkansas, an unopposed candidate wasn't elected because they didn't gather a single vote. What impact do the four new election laws passed by the state legislature have on voters rights? Plus, a closer examination at what may lead to low voter turnout.
  • One of the most important parts of voting is registering to vote.
  • You want to vote in the next election, great news! But do you know where your polling place is? Or what district you're registered in? Or what exactly a primary is?Natural Election is your source for information on elections in Northwest Arkansas, from voting rights to understanding how to vote in the first place. Subscribe today to get our first episode in your feed Tuesday, April 19th.