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  • In this episode Deneshia and Joi tackle the issue of Imposter Syndrome! Today's topic is all about dispelling the lies we tell ourselves regarding imposter syndrome! Joi shares the research on how these cognitive schemas get us stuck as Black Women. All people probably from time to time struggle with Imposter Syndrome! Here they discuss the role of institutionalized racism that continues to impact the Black Community and Black Women altogether. Joi provides some research discussing how suicide attempts have increased over time for multiethnic people groups and especially how it has increased by Black Women and Black girls. Joi shares about Dr.Kenneth Hardy’s reflections on racism, for more information about Dr. Kenneth Hardy checkout an article he wrote on Racism and psychotherapy here. For more research regarding Black Women and Suicide Rates check out Joi’s Works Cited page from her most recent CE Professional Training on Suicide Assessment and Black Women. Remember if you are struggling with suicidal thoughts you are not alone! Check out this link from Joi with a list of other local and national resources for checking in on your mental health needs! CLICK HERE for MORE RESOURCES! At this link Joi has a host of emergency facilities locally and nationally that can help you if you find yourself in a mental health emergency. We hope you care for yourself and remember to show yourself some grace. You have done enough!@resilietblackwomen_org @joimcgowan_lpc deneshia does not have a instagram
  • Professor Todd Cleveland currently teaches History of Africa and History of Football at the university of Arkansas. In this episode we explore the complicated relationship between the love of football in Africa, labor and social relations.
  • Austrian-American social scientist and author Riane Eisler dismantles popular ideas about society and human development to image a more equitable future.
  • Deneshia and Joi begin a new season with a discussion about honoring life’s transitions! Joi shares some big news with the listeners! Deneshia talks about the importance of guarding our emotional energy. Deneshia shares that transitions are maybe not always so exciting. She hopes our listeners make space for all the emotions that come up with transitions. Joi tells us more about boundaries and how to define them.
  • For AAPI Heritage Month, Saad sits down with Fawn in the Lab to discuss what it's like living and working in Northwest Arkansas compared to his native Bangladesh.
  • For AAPI Heritage Month, Fawn sits down with Ari to talk about what it's like living and working in Northwest Arkansas.
  • For AAPI Heritage Month, Ayesha and Fawn sit down in the Lab to talk about the graduate school, family, and living in Northwest Arkansas being an Asian American.
  • For Mental Health Awareness month, a group of doctors and counselors from the Pat Walker Health Center on the University of Arkansas campus came to the Lab to discuss the importance of mental health awareness and tips on how to cope with the day to day struggles.
  • The Listening Lab continues to celebrate PRIDE in NWA, with Rebecca, known as DJ N8TIV and Kendra, who came to the Lab to talk about music, history and queer culture here in Northwest Arkansas.
  • Anne Shelley, Assistant Director of Talent and Leadership Development at the University of Arkansas, comes to the Listening Lab to talk about the queer history of Northwest Arkansas.