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    Tiara Hudson, LCSW, LISCW is a therapist located in NWA and seeing clients virtually! She stopped by to talk to us all about HEALTH AND PLEASURE. Tiara shared her story and journey with her own health. She redefines pleasure as the guide to her healthy living lifestyle. She says, she allowed pleasure to guide how she would change her lifestyle. For Tiara stress and mental health sparked some scary health concerns. This motivated her to find a routine that would work with her life. It wasn’t displined that helped her be consistent. It was her connecting to all her resources from work, doctors, personal trainers. And her success was led by what she really enjoyed doing in her body, like walking, hiking etc. Deneshia and Joi were so impressed by Tiara’s ability to ensure that whatever new habits she started would be sustainable overtime. Tiara dropped so many nuggets today! Tell us your fave ?!?
  • In this episode we hear from sustainability coordinators with the city of Fayetteville about how they are working with students, consumers and businesses to develop guidelines that incentivize green practices.
  • This podcast is based on Roberts' recent book, I've Been Here All the While: Black Freedom on Native Land. We explore questions around Black freedom and Native American relationships. The trail of tears runs through NWA and Native Americans moved though the area with their enslaved Africans. Furthermore, with westward expansion onto Native land, the question of black citizenship would be co-mingled with the issue. As Black, white, and Native people recreated concepts of race, belonging, and national identity, Indian Territory became a space where Black people could flee to escape the ravishes of Jim Crow, as well as finally become landowners and while also exercising political rights. But Blacks have had to sue Native Nations for citizenship rights in recent years. Now with increasing calls for reparations and demands for land, Black and Native relationships are necessary to understand. Alaina Roberts, Associate professor of history at the University of Pittsburgh.Check out her website: https://alainaeroberts.com/
  • Mitch Brown, psychology instructor in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, discusses his research on male formidability, or toughness, and how it informs stereotypes of personality and social functions.
  • In this episode, The Zacchaeus Foundation board members Dustin McGowan, Lowell Taylor, and Betty Wilton introduce themselves. Learn more about The R Word podcast, The R Word events, and The Zacchaeus Foundation at thezacchaeusfoundation.org.
  • In this episode, we learn about Olivia Barraza's story. Her journey to creating change— one bike ride at a time.
  • Toshihiro Nakamura may have cut his teeth working for the United Nations in peace keeping and global development in conflict and disaster zones around the world, but his organization - Kopernik - scales down projects to see what fits for the local communities they work with.
  • In this episode, we get to know Dr. Karynecia Elizabeth Conner, the new Co-host of Undisciplined Podcast! We learn about the twists and turns on Karynecia's life path that has led her to us and the University of Arkansas! You'll learn how she used tragedy to triumph, what makes her so Texas, what her greatest inspirations are, and what the listeners can expect from her as a co-host. Don't miss this one!
  • Chemist and environmentalist, Martin Wolf explains how business and nature are out of balance and explores how to put the two on a more harmonious track.
  • NWA MLK Council president and treasurer Lindsey Leverett Higgins and Chris Seawood talk with IMPACT Period founder and current Historic Black District project manager for NWA Black Heritage, Emma Willis on her past project work and her current work in Nortwest Arkansas included the historic and momentous work of the Historic Black District in South Fayetteville.
  • Shakira Eaksins, LCSW stops by the studio this week to tell us more about her journey with failure. We often consider failure to be negative or even life threatening. Shakira redefines failure as a way to help refocus one’s goals and aspirations. Her spin on failure helps us to tell a better story to ourselves and our body when things don’t go as intended. In this episode, Joi and Deneshia reflect on how failure is oftentimes a tool to help us reposition and refocus on what’s really important. Failure can bring clarity to what you need to prioritize and what you really want in certain seasons of your life. We are so glad Shakira came back for another episode! Share this episode with a friend who may also be struggling with failure! Tell us how this episode helped you!
  • University of Arkansas Museum’s Laurel Lamb speaks about artifacts and objects available in the University Museum and the new activities available for families, children and the public.