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Why Do We Have Bail?

In the latest episode of "Undisciplined," Jon Comstock discusses the idea of bail reform. To talk about bail reform though, it helps to understand why bail exists in the first place.

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Caree Banton is the host of <i>Undisciplined.</i>
Matthew Moore is senior producer for Ozarks at Large.
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  • Undisciplined is a podcast produced in collaboration with the African and African American Studies program with the University and KUAF Public Radio. Hosted by Dr. Caree Banton, this podcast will push the confines of your traditional academic disciplines and unveil how the objectives of African and African American studies can be found in the everyday if you just look.
  • There's been a lot of conversation around bail reform nationwide. What would it actually look like if the justice system took a hard look at the impact of the excessive bail prices? Jon Comstock of the Arkansas Justice Reform Coalition comes to Undisciplined to talk about the history and hopeful progress of bail reform.
  • On the season 4 debut of Undisciplined, we discuss player safety and their contracts in light of the recent injury of Damar Hamlin, a player for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL. You can hear from podcast guest Charles Ross on Jan. 30 as he speaks on the University of Arkansas campus as part of the Timothy Donovan Lecture Series.