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The Lunch Hour

  • Get ready for an electrifying episode of "The Lunch Hour Podcast" as we're joined by a few incredible guests! Hailing from Little Rock, AR, the dynamic duo Dazz & Brie will grace us with their soulful tunes and share their journey in the music industry. But that's not all – we're also sitting down with McDonald's owner/operator Cody Matthews from Fayetteville, AR, who's got a fascinating story to tell about the intersection of fast food and community impact. Tune in for a fusion of music and entrepreneurship, as we explore the artistry of Dazz & Brie and Cody's unique perspective on running a McDonald's restaurant in the heart of Arkansas. Don't miss this inspiring and harmonious episode – hit that play button now!
  • Get ready for an unforgettable episode of "The Lunch Hour Summer Concert Podcast" as we dive deep into the captivating intersection of music, Tulsa's historical scene, and an iconic moment in fast-food history. Join us as we chat with Steph Simon, a Tulsa music legend, and McDonald's owner/operator Mike Gentry, who played a pivotal role in the first-of-its-kind McDonald's concert. Steph Simon will take us on a journey through Tulsa's rich music history, while Mike Gentry offers a behind-the-scenes look at this unique fusion of fast food and live music. Discover the evolution of Tulsa's music scene, the creative synergy that birthed this groundbreaking event, and the enduring impact it left. Don't miss this incredible fusion of music, history, and unexpected collaborations – subscribe now and hit that notification bell to stay updated!
  • Pura Coco discusses performing, how she connects with her audience and her upcoming show during KUAF's Lunch All Day.
  • This week Dazz & Brie talked about their music and their myriad influences. The duo have lit up stages across Arkansas with a high-energy mix of soul, punk, rock and pop. They will perform at the McDonald's on East Joyce in Fayetteville at noon tomorrow.
  • KUAF Community Spotlight
    The KUAF Lunch Hour Summer Concert Series will continue this Friday in Fort Smith with Tylo May.
  • KUAF Community Spotlight
    Tomorrow in Tulsa, Oklahoma, KUAF will present the inaugural KUAF Summer Concert Series performance featuring artist Steph Simon. These concerts will continue throughout the summer and fall and will feature artists such as Fort Smith’s Tylo May, Fayetteville country singer Joe West, and the Little Rock based duo ‘Dazz and Brie’. This week, KUAF’s Pete Hartman spoke with Jasper Logan about the focus and direction of this concert series.
  • February's Lunch Hour was a celebration of music, food, and community at the Black-Owned Business Expo in the Fayetteville Town Center. The live conversation of this Lunch Hour, features a number of Black business owners who offer their thoughts and insights on how to express their power and drive for the black businesses in Arkansas.
  • On today's show, a new service offering telehealth medication abortions in Kansas is available to women able to travel from surrounding states. Metova, a software development firm, relocates its headquarters to Bentonville. Plus, a live music survey, a winter weather-inspired Sound Perimeter and more.
  • The first KUAF Lunch Hour of 2023 will be in a new venue and feature a first-time ensemble. The January show tomorrow will be in the Walker Community Room in the Fayetteville Public Library and feature Amos Cochran with the Fort Smith String Quartet.
  • On today's show, artwork made through the Fenix Youth Refuge Experience will be displayed this Saturday at Mt. Sequoyah Center Hall. Also, preventing land loss through the Keeping it in the Family Program. Plus, the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal, remembering Brenda Blagg, local music and more.