Pete Hartman

KUAF's Operations Manager

Pete Hartman was born in 1973 and had a wonderful childhood in Greenbrier, Arkansas. He moved to Harrison, Arkansas, in 1989 and attended High School there. He then attended North Arkansas Community College from 1992-1994. Pete moved to Fayetteville during the summer of 1994 and began attending the University of Arkansas that fall...within the Journalism Department. By January 1995, he had found his way to KUAF as a work-study student - answering phones and doing clerical work. After learning how to cut audio breaks he soon began working with Kyle Kellams on Ozarks at Large - way back when it was just one episode per week.

It took Pete almost ten years to get his bachelors degree from the U-of-A...he just had too much fun with the college experience. But by 2004, he had entrenched himself in all that was KUAF and Rick Stockdell had a position for him, IF he would just write his Senior Paper and graduate. Which, he did.

Pete has been working as Operations Manager of KUAF since that time, something that keeps him on his toes with many different duties and responsibilities including voicing KUAF Underwriting announcements. 

Pete Hartman has many hobbies: fishing, fly-tying, dirt biking, metal detecting...but what he enjoys the most is spending time with his wife Christine and his three daughters: Evie, Rosa and Sylvie.

Pete Hartman owns a Subaru.

Ways to Connect

Pete Hartman joins Chris Haas from NWA Gives to discuss the inception of NWA Gives as well as how to particiapte in the annual NWA Gives Day. The NWA Gives Day takes place online and registration is open until March 1. 

Pete Hartman speaks with the Development Coordinator at the Peace at Home Family Shelter, Stacy Brehman, concerning the recent donations from the annual KUAF Giving Tree. Stacy Brehman highlights the crucial need for community support and how the Giving Tree benefited memeber of the community in need.

As part of this year's Giving Tree program, Pete Hartman interviews Sophia Dugwyler who currently works with the Magdalene Serenity House program and is also a former client. Sohpia Dugwyler describes her personal experiences as well as how listeners can help contribute to the Magdalene Serenity House this giving season.

Pete Hartman speaks with Caleb Talley from the Startup Junkie Foundation to encourage listeners to participate in the current food drive. The Startup Junkie Foundation is accepting donations for the food drive at their location on the Fayetteville Square located in the Pryor Center.

Pete Hartman speaks with Morgan Keeling from the IWRP who discusses the return of student programs as well as the addition of new programs led by newly hired Justin Nachtigal. Morgan Keeling promotes the ability to book field trips and opportunities to participate in various lessons such as Tragedy of the Commons and  Microinvertebrate Indexing.

Pete Hartman highlights the local nonprofit Magdalene Serenity House who is featured through the Giving Tree 2021. Donations can be made through the Amazon wishlists or can be dropped off at KUAF. More information can be found at

Pete Hartman interviews Don Bennett from Tri Cycle Farms who discusses the increasing needs of the community coupled with the lack of supplies at food pantries throughout the community. Don Bennett asks listeners to participate in donating food to restock the shelves of food pantries and help those in need. 

Pete Hartman

This segment on the 2021 Giving Tree showcases this year's non-profits the Magdalene Serenity House and the Peace at Home Family Shelter. Listeners learn how these non-profits serve our communities and how donations can be made. More information on how to participate in the Giving Tree can be found at

This year's Giving Tree benefits the Magdalene Serenity House which provides women with the resources they need to get back on their feet. Pete Hartman speaks with April Bachdrodt who highlights the need for donations of everyday household necessities which can be given through Amazon wishlists. More information regarding donations can be found at

Pete Hartman speaks with LaDonna Humphrey who promotes the upcoming roundtable discussion hosted by Oasis of Northwest Arkansas which will focus on the Second Chance Employer Program. The roundtable discussion will take place December 11 and LaDonna Humphrey advertises the need for additional employers to participate.