Pete Hartman

KUAF's Operations Manager, local host of "Morning Edition"

Pete Hartman was born in 1973 and had a wonderful childhood in Greenbrier, Arkansas. He moved to Harrison, Arkansas, in 1989 and attended High School there. He then attended North Arkansas Community College from 1992-1994. Pete moved to Fayetteville during the summer of 1994 and began attending the University of Arkansas that fall...within the Journalism Department. By January 1995, he had found his way to KUAF as a work-study student - answering phones and doing clerical work. After learning how to cut audio breaks he soon began working with Kyle Kellams on Ozarks at Large - way back when it was just one episode per week.

It took Pete almost ten years to get his bachelors degree from the U-of-A...he just had too much fun with the college experience. But by 2004, he had entrenched himself in all that was KUAF and Rick Stockdell had a position for him, IF he would just write his Senior Paper and graduate. Which, he did.

Pete has been working as Operations Manager of KUAF since that time, something that keeps him on his toes with many different duties and responsibilities. He has hosted the local spots during NPR's Morning Edition for the past 10 years.

Pete Hartman has many hobbies: fishing, fly-tying, dirt biking, metal detecting...but what he enjoys the most is spending time with his wife Christine and his three daughters: Evie, Rosa and Sylvie.

Pete Hartman owns a Subaru.

Ways to Connect

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Pete Hartman, operations manager at 91.3, KUAF, delivers a preview of a new special airing Sunday afternoon at 3:00 on KUAF.