KUAF, 88.9FM went on the air in 1973 as a 10-watt student radio station supervised by a faculty member in the Department of Journalism at the University of Arkansas. In 1985, a new, commercial station (carrier-current/cable) was built for students at the University of Arkansas and KUAF was changed to a professional public radio station featuring NPR news, classical music, jazz, folk, blues and other public radio programs like Car Talk and A Prairie Home Companion.

Now operating at 91.3FM with a powerful 100,000 watt transmitter, KUAF provides a 14-county area of west and northwest Arkansas, parts of eastern Oklahoma and southern Missouri with the only source of national and international news from NPR as well as a daily local news magazine “Ozarks at Large.” 

In 2006, KUAF was the first station in the region to broadcast in HD and developed HD-2 and HD-3 stations which provided even more public service to the area.  HD-2 features classical music 24 hours a day and HD-3 airs jazz with doses of locally produced music programs on the weekends.

Owned by the University of Arkansas, KUAF was originally located on campus in a run-down, old house on Duncan Avenue and then in a university owned apartment complex. That complex was demolished in 2010 to make room for a new academic building. By December, 2009,  KUAF staff had raised more than $2 million, bought property and built a state-of-the-art radio building off campus, close to the Fayetteville square. Located across the street from the Fayetteville Public Library, at 9 S. School Avenue, KUAF is at the center of the intellectual and artistic hub of northwest Arkansas. 

KUAF Mission Statement

KUAF's mission is to be a leader in public media, serving our audience with programs that challenge, entertain, educate and inform.