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DJ Koze (feat. Sophia Kennedy), 'Wespennest'

DJ Koze's music is typically summery and patchouli-scented. But what happens when the eccentric German-born, Spain-based house producer veers into moodier terrain? The answer is "Wespennest," the first single ahead of a still-undetailed 2024 album. Over eight minutes, bone-dry drum machines and a massive bass line support noisy leads that buzz like a beehive struck with a stick. Grandiose synth chords and smokey vocals from Pampa labelmate Sophia Kennedy harken back to brighter Koze tracks like "Magical Boy" and "My Plans." But even in its most uplifting moments, "Wespennest" teems with mischievous energy. As always, Koze's signature, impish smile is on display. However, an alluringly sinister glint flickers behind his eyes here.

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Ted Davis