A Saxophone Quartet's Summer Music Camp Experience

Aug 8, 2018

Each July, the University of Arkansas sees thousands of high and middle school students descend on its campus for the University's Summer Music Camp. The task of guiding these curious budding musicians falls to specialists in their field. This year, it's the Viridian Quartet, a group of music graduates from MSU who for three years have been perfecting the art of that holy grail of High School band instruments- the saxophone.

The Quartet- Casey Grey, Madeline Morizio, Kyle Landry and Eric Troiano- arrived at the Furman-Garner Studio to perform and discuss their hopes and experiences teaching the next generation of music students, as well as the peculiarities that come with an all-saxophone group.

"We spend so much time trying to sound cohesive, making this a saxophone version of the string quartet," says Casey Grey. "Most of the time we're trying to take all those idioscyncracies out and make it sound so smooth- and let it rip every once in a while."