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Five Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Denis Tuksar on Unsplach
Credit Denis Tuksar on Unsplach

Let’s talk about five healthy breakfasts.

Breakfast one: smoothies.

Make a smoothie or a smoothie bowl. Make a large smoothie in the morning to start your day off right. Think of a smoothie as a meal replacement. Try blending one banana, one cup of frozen berries, one teaspoon of peanut butter, one teaspoon of honey, one cup of skim milk, and one cup of ice in a blender until smooth.

Number two: frittata.

Try making a veggie frittata to eat throughout the week with whatever vegetables you have on hand. A frittata is like a quiche, but without the crust. You can even bake frittatas in muffin tins for portion control.  

Breakfast three: oatmeal.

Cook a large batch of oatmeal at the beginning of the week, and in the morning, simply heat and serve. Add toppings such as fruit, raisins, nuts, or nut butters to make the oatmeal more substantial. Try making overnight cold oats by mixing equal parts oats, yogurt, and milk in a bowl or jar, stir and refrigerate overnight.

Four: pancakes or waffles.

Incorporate whole wheat flour or oats to your pancake or waffle batter to add fiber. Freeze leftovers in baggies for later in the week.

And number five: healthy muffins.

Make a batch of healthy muffins by adding mashed banana, diced apple, shredded carrots, or walnuts to your muffin batter, and eat throughout the week.

This is Carolyn Nichols for Church Health.

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