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Sound Perimeter

Sound Perimeter airs weekly on Ozarks at Large and is hosted by University of Arkansas bassoon professor Lia Uribe, who stretches our musical boundaries with new interpretations of classical pieces and themes.

Latest Episodes
  • On this week's episode of Sound Perimeter, host Lia Uribe explores water's influence on music.
  • Today we are celebrating Sound Perimeter’s 100th episode with a birthday gift from Gabriel Faure, a moment frozen in time in a composition by Dai Wei, and, like true Colombian lovers we are, dancing, with J Balvin and Willy William reggaeton.
  • Sometimes the most beautiful lullabies are the sounds of our surroundings. Today in Sound Perimeter we listened to lullabies, an invitation to reminisce on those tranquil and loving sounds of sounds from our memories, our childhood and our environment, in the hands of guitarist and composer Miroslav Tadić, and flutist and composer Ricardo Benitez.
  • Today in Sound Perimeter, we listen to the sounds of rivers and water, an invitation to tranquility and a reminder of nature's force and rhythm. These sounds weave a narrative of life's continuity, a constant flow mirroring the passage of time and the enduring vitality of the natural world.
  • It’s no secret that incorporating breathing practices into daily routines can have numerous benefits for both physical and mental well-being.
  • Today in Sound Perimeter, host Lia Uribe reflects on uncertainty and contemplation and extends a musical invitation to ponder on alternative perspectives and endings.
  • Today in Sound Perimeter, we offer two bedtime experiences: one of struggle and one of comfort. Both are beautiful in there own ways, new and refreshing, with pieces written by composers Niloufar Iravani and Evelyn Chang.
  • Today in Sound Perimeter we listen to pieces written by Mexican composers Jimena Contreras and Nubia Jaime Donjuan.
  • Lia Uribe, a University of Arkansas music professor, this week explores the depth of innocence. We hear music by Zinia Chan, Ensemble Francaix and Javier Navarrete.
  • Today in Sound Perimeter, we listen to the soundtrack of life and death, sadness and happiness, loneliness and community, one and all.Find more about our featured artists: Missy Mazzoli and Jacana Jacana.