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The Northwest Arkansas Design Excellence Program was launched by the Walton Family Foundation in 2015 to help connect design firms with local projects dedicated to public spaces. This year 31 new design firms have been added to the pool.

Healthy Hearts NWA

Jan 12, 2022
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A new project is a community collaboration to help northwest Arkansas residents live healthier lives.

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The IDEALS Institute at the University of Arkansas has received major grant funding from Walton Family Foundation. Joe Randall, the senior program officer for the Walton Family Foundation, shares why it's so important to fund these initiatives in the local community.

A new report, commissioned by the Walton Family Foundation, lists possible solutions to the lack of affordable housing in northwest Arkansas.

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A study commissioned by the Walton Family Foundation sought out young resident sof Northwest Arkansas for their opinions about living here. Concerns include the costs of housing and education.

A new million-dollar fund will be used to administer grants to organizations working to improve the quality of life for LGBTQ Arkansans. The development of the grant comes after a legislative session that included several bills aimed at trans youth and adults.

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The Jones Center in Springdale is using a Design Excellence Grant from the Walton Family Foundation to shape the future of the campus. Up to three local artists can be part of the process. An in-person session for artists interested takes place tomorrow night in Springdale. The deadline for applications to be submitted is June 16th.

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Earlier this month, the Northwest Arkansas Council announced the launch of a new workforce housing center, which will be tasked with addressing the housing and transportation affordability issues created by a bustling economy and growing population.

This winter, the Walton Family Foundation released its five-year plan for working with organizations on issues of education, the environment and inclusion. We speak with Executive Director Caryl Stern about the foundation's vision in those areas.

We continue to share excerpts from a Walton Family Foundation panel discussion about making growth in Northwest Arkansas more inclusive and equitable. Rafael Rios, the founder and executive chef at Yeyo's Hospitality Group, discusses how mentorship can play a role in that goal.