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Flo Milli, 'Conceited'

In the music video for her new track "Conceited," Flo Milli gazes confidently at six perfect reflections of herself, stating the obvious as she raps the chorus: "Feeling myself / I'm conceited / Feeling myself / I'm conceited." She's surrounded by a group of Black women hyping and primping her up, and of course, she has her hair done, nails done, everything did as she continues to flex.

The song is short and at face value has a simple premise: Flo should definitely be gassed up. She bounces off the beat with piercing claims like, "You can talk like this when you really that b****" and "I been that b**** since a fetus." But as the two-and-a-half minutes of knocking bass quickly come to a close, it begins to feel more like Flo's underlying message is a warning: "Hoes don't like when I talk like that / Please don't bark 'cause Milli bite back."

As a lead-up to her debut album You Still Here, Ho?, "Conceited" feels like it puts Flo's enemies on watch that jealousy will not be tolerated. If you don't feel Flo as much as she feels herself, you can't stay around. And whether you identify more with the self love or the annihilation of enemies, this is definitely a must-add to your hype-up playlist.

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Gabby Bulgarelli