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Two Shell, 'mind_flip'

Two Shell's "mind_flip" is a delirious science fiction romance in miniature. A highlight from the producer duo'ssurprise new EP, lil spirits, the multi-suite dance track channels the dopamine rush of infatuation. Synths and vocals are chopped into a glossy spectacle — like a digital rendering of glimmering stained glass — as vocals arise from a mush-mouthed collage: "I wanna know who you are / I wanna know what you want."

Two Shell take these sweet gestures literally, halting the track to signal our arrival at a "mind scanner." As an AI voice guides our time in this space, synths flit about like a computer processing a task, and we come out the other end with a reconfigured version of the song's giddy first passage. It's playful and silly, and maybe even a bit cryptic, but "mind_flip" points to how falling in love always rearranges our brain.

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Joshua Minsoo Kim