Composer Scott Wollschleger's "Soft Aberration:" A Paradox of Beautiful and Ugly

Feb 1, 2018

Composer Scott Wollschleger, whose album Soft Aberration is out now

Mutant compositions, broken echoes, and the sound left after the end of the world- these are some of the inspiring forces behind New York-based composer Scott Wollschleger's new album Soft Aberration. In a discussion of his latest work with Of Note's Katy Henriksen, Wollschleger explained the important role that white noise fills on the album, as well as his definition of "brontal," the constructed appellation that guides Wollschleger's creative process.

"My experience living in New York City has really shaped my idea of what the brontal is, where you would walk down the street and encounter something incredibly beautiful next to something incredibly gross," says Wollschleger. "This sort of paradox of beautiful and ugly is the essence brontal, and art should have both, because it should reflect the world."

Listen to the entire interview via streaming link above.