KUAF Arts Beat: On 'Resisting the Temptation to Go to Any One Extreme'

May 8, 2019


Credit Kat Wilson

Painter Kellie Lehr juxtaposes organic and geometric patterns that result in bright canvases overflowing with kinetically textured layers.

The result is "Between and Beyond," on display at the Gallery at Midtown Associates in Bentonville, where Lehr recently took on the role of gallery manager. 

In this KUAF Arts Beat profile we discover that she studied international economics because her parents wouldn't pay for an art degree, but they would pay for a business degree.

She found herself working for companies such as Microsoft and Netscape at the height of the tech boom in California.

"I thought a lot about what it looks like when you're online, and thinking about how that's effected us and how we connect to each other," she explains. 

Hear the full conversation on the on-demand streaming link above. "Between and Beyond" is on display through July.