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Deneshia Simpson

  • Joi and Deneshia continue their discussion about emotions, focusing on sadness for this episode. Starting with the story of Elizabeth Eckford - who at 15 years-old was harassed, yelled at, and spit on, as she attempted to attend Central High School, as one of the first nine students to integrate the school in 1957 - Joi and Deneshia explore what sadness can tell us if we give ourselves permission to feel it and give others permission to see it.
  • The latest episode of the KUAF-produced podcast Resilient Black Women includes a conversation about emotions and how some emotional responses are often unfairly stereotyped.
  • Throughout Season 2, Joi and Deneshia have been discussing what you might expect from therapy and what our emotions can tell us if we allow ourselves to sit with them and feel them. In episode 6, Joi and Deneshia discuss women and emotions and the trope of the angry Black woman.
  • On Episode 5, Joi and Deneshia continue to answer listener questions about what it means to be in therapy. This time, Deneshia and Joi discuss emotions, what they are, what they mean and how there are no "good" or "bad" emotions.