Community Spotlight: NWA Lemonade Day

Apr 9, 2018

Think back to the summer when your were a kid. What did you do when you needed to make some quick cash? 

If you're like most Americans, you probably started a lemonade stand.

Now, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Northwest Arkansas is breaking out the folding tables and powder mixes with their own Lemonade Day. They are using the day as an opportunity to teach young entrepreneurs how to own and operate a business. The program pairs kids with mentors who help them walk through practical lesson plans for running their stand successfully. 

Pete Hartman talks with Allen Dranow of the Walmart Museum about how Lemonade Day started in Northwest Arkansas. Then, he is joined by Rita Littrell, Director of the Moore Center for Economic Education; J.R. Hinkson from the Walton College of Business; and Mary Bartlett, a previous mentor for BBBS Lemonade Day. 

Lemonade Day 2018 is on May 5. For more information visit