The Extension's Water Connections

Daily in the month of August, 2015.

The Extension's Water Connections is a collaboration between KUAF and the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service to recognize national Water Quality Month in August. Tune in each weekday at 6:31 and 8:31am, during the noon edition of Ozarks at Large, and at 3:18 and 5:18pm for a look at what your household and community can do to protect this increasingly significant natural resource...the water of the Ozarks.

During this segment of the Extension's Water Connections, Colin Massey speaks with Fayetteville's Parks Superintendent - Byron Humphry - about the multiple uses of Lake Fayetteville.

The Extension's Water Connections for August 31, 2015

Aug 31, 2015

We close out this month's Extension's Water Connections series with Katie, Colin, and Jane reemphasizing the measures that we can all take to ensure quality water for generations to come.

The West Fork of the White River is one of the main tributaries that flows into Beaver Lake. Today, Colin Massey speaks with Brian Haggard, the Director of the Arkansas Water Resources Center, about the West Fork...and efforts to fight stream bank erosion on the stream. Colin then speaks with Courtney Thomas of the Beaver Watershed Alliance about ways we can all help protect our area waterways.

Katie Teague

Bella Vista Village's seven lakes are managed - in part - by Darrel Bowman, a lake ecologist and fisheries expert. County Agent Katie Teague recently met Darrell at Lake Avalon's boat dock to talk about how these lakes are managed. Plus, Darrell let's us know exactly what to look for when trying to identify poisonous versus non-poisonous snakes. It's not always an easy thing to do...

The Extension's Water Connections for August 25, 2015

Aug 25, 2015
Colin Massey

Today's segment highlights Lee Creek Dam within Devil's Den State Park. Katie Teague speaks with Park Interpreter Adam Leslie. They discuss the dam, some history of Lee Creek, and the negative impact of "rock stacking" or cairns on the creek itself.

Colin Massey

Today, we follow Jane Maginot as she ventures beneath the streets of Fayetteville with Keith Shreve - Assistant Transportation Manager with the City. They discuss Storm Drain Infrastructure.

Johnnie Chamberlin

Lake Sequoyah is our subject during today's EWC. Did you know that, in a way, this smaller lake protects the much larger Beaver Lake from harmful nutrient runoff? County Agent Katie Teague speaks with Tim Nyander and Bill Ammons about the ongoing project to rid Lake Sequoyah of sediment bound phosphorous.

Today's edition of the EWC features County Agent Katie Teague speaking with Bruce Shackelford - President of Environmental Consulting Operations, Incorporated. The subject is the Woolsey Wet Prairie and its benefit to the City of Fayetteville as an excess mitigation site.

Clifton Eoff

During today's segment we learn about the economic impact of Beaver Lake.

Katie Teague

During today's segment Katie Teague speaks with president of USI Consulting Engineers, Terry Carpenter, about ongoing improvements to Spring Creek and hopes for a revitalization of the downtown Springdale area.