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Resilient Black Women

  • The latest episode of the KUAF-produced podcast Resilient Black Women includes a conversation about emotions and how some emotional responses are often unfairly stereotyped.
  • Throughout Season 2, Joi and Deneshia have been discussing what you might expect from therapy and what our emotions can tell us if we allow ourselves to sit with them and feel them. In episode 6, Joi and Deneshia discuss women and emotions and the trope of the angry Black woman.
  • On Episode 5, Joi and Deneshia continue to answer listener questions about what it means to be in therapy. This time, Deneshia and Joi discuss emotions, what they are, what they mean and how there are no "good" or "bad" emotions.
  • For this episode, Joi guides us through three mental health mindfulness moments - the first is a holistic check-in, the second is on self-compassion and the third is on rest.
  • For the third episode of Season 2, Joi and Deneshia answer listener questions all about therapy - How do you even find a therapist? What happens if the therapist you like doesn't take your insurance? What do you do if you're not vibing with your therapist? How do you know you're done with therapy? Joi and Deneshia tackle all of these problems and more in episode 3. You can find resources at the websites listed below that were mentioned by Joi and Deneshia.Psychology Today Therapist FinderTherapy for Black Girls
  • The second season of Resilient Black Women begins with a conversation with Dorothy Marcy. Hosts Joi McGowan and Deneshia Simpson ask her about her career as a licensed counselor.
  • In episode 2, we hear more of Joi and Deneshia's conversation with professional licensed counselor Ms. Dorothy Marcy. She shares her wisdom on the power of Black women to persevere and to flourish under the hardest circumstances.
  • Today is the season 3 premiere of Undisciplined, a podcast collaboration with KUAF, Ozarks at Large, and the African and African American Studies program at the University of Arkansas. Host Dr. Caree Banton and producer Matthew Moore are starting off this season with mental health and welcomed Joi McGowan to the conversation. Joi is the host of another KUAF podcast, Resilient Black Women, and she says that she was seen as a trusted counselor and listener at an early age.
  • Black enslaved women were the center of the profit world in America; they not only produced capital with their free labor in the fields, but they reproduced more capital and more workers. In a post-slavery society, they have had to hold space for white men, white women, and Black men—often at their own expense. Joi McGowan is one of the founders of Resilient Black Women and she joins us to talk about mental health and the uphill battle for Black Women to get the care they deserve and need. Host: Caree Banton Producer and Cohost: Matthew MooreGuest: Joi McGowanUndisciplined is a production of KUAF Public Radio and Ozarks at Large.
  • On the first episode of the second season of Resilient Black Women, Joi and Deneshia welcome Ms. Dorothy Marcy, licensed professional counselor, educator, mentor, mother and proud Black woman. She shares insight and stories from her own life and recent trip to Egypt and celebrates the resiliency and beauty of Black women.