Community Spotlight: Rally for Clean Water

Nov 27, 2017

Industrial agriculture has a distinct impact on the environment. According to Mighty Earth, meat production directly contributes to water pollution. Mighty Earth is a national grassroots organization that focuses on environmental issues. The group is holding a rally for clean water on Nov. 30 at the Tyson Headquarters in Springdale as part of the "NWA Clean it Up, Tyson" campaign. 

Jessye Waxman, an organizer for Mighty Earth, joins Pete Hartman to talk about the event and the group's efforts to address pollution in Northwest Arkansas.  

Waxman says "most of the water pollution is actually coming from the way we grow corn and soy to feed... livestock." In Arkansas, the organization is focused on convincing meat producers like Tyson to clean up their production process

For more information about the event go to Mighty Earth's Facebook page