Repetition and Reflection on Dinnerstein's 'Circles'

Jul 5, 2018

On Simone Dinnerstein's new album Circles, the pianist debuts an original concerto from Philip Glass.

The minimalist, yet romantic piece, which Glass composed specifically for Dinnerstein, sprung from a breakfast meeting in the prolific composer's garden. She says the new work uses repetition to mirror human values in music. 

"It's something that we need... to revisit experiences," she says. "I just feel like that's something where the music is reflecting a need that we have as people." 

She worked with the Boston-based string orchestra A Far Cry on the album, which also features Bach's Keyboard Concerto in G minor. Dinnerstein talks with Of Note's Katy Henriksen about working with Glass, meditation in music and the unusual way she recorded this album.

Use the streaming link above to listen to the full interview.