KUAF Arts Beat: Embracing Curiosity & Chance with Inverse Performance Art Festival

Mar 30, 2017

Cover Image for Fearbook Live Performance Art Piece
Credit Ally Bortolazzo and Elizabeth Folk

Now in its second year, the Inverse Performance Art Festival kicks off today running through Saturday, April 1. The festival spans venues from Bentonville to Fayetteville, and even California. Fearbook Live, the creation of Santa Barbara-based artists Elizabeth Folk and Ally Bortolazzo, utilizes Facebook Live for a process-centered piece that will be screened live at Foxhole Public House in Bentonville as part of this year's diverse array of more than 20 performances.

"It really can be anything. There are really no rules. It really starts with this idea of a live art piece," explains founder Cynthia Post Hunt. "It does consider time. It does consider environment. It also considers the artist and their body and it also considers you as the audience and the relationship between the artist and the audience."

For a detailed schedule and complete artist bios visit Inverse Performance Art Festival's website.