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On the 225th anniversary of the formation of the U.S. Marshals Museum ground was broken in Fort Smith for the the museum dedicated to the marshals.  

Jacqueline Froelich

Charolotte Tidwell, a native of Fort Smith, is devoting her golden years to making sure low-income elders have plenty to eat. She’s getting tons of help from the River Valley Regional Food Bank.

To make a contribution to Tidwell’s charity call 479-459-0669 or mail a contribution to PO Box 1571, Fort Smith, AR 72902. The River Valley Regional Food Bank also seeks food donations from individuals, businesses and corporations. 

The Crumbs use history, personal experience and talent to mold their new CD, Bring 'Em Round

Michael Tilley, from The City Wire, discusses the latest economic numbers for the region...and the dreams of bringing professional hockey to Fort Smith.


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Beer, Business and Gas

Jun 20, 2014

New (and widely varied) businesses are coming to Fort Smith.  Michael Tilley from The City Wire explains what it means for the city.

The two candidates in this year's Arkansas governor's race recently discussed their views of what the future holds for the state's Private Option. The future of hog farms in the Buffalo River Watershed may be uncertain with a recently proposed ban on confined animal breeding operations near the national river. And the Fort Smith Fire Department may not have to travel as far for training in the future, if the city board of directors approves construction of a training facility in the city.

Michael Tilley from The City Wire talks about the latest details regarding an acquisition of Hillshire Brands and more.

The Monsters are Coming

Jun 11, 2014
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To Fort Smith this weekend.  We get a look into the life of a monster truck driver and learn how they ready those cars for a show.