Gender Equality

Marie Emily George is an assistant professor of law at Wake Forest University and one of her specialties is LGBTQ rights. She spoke earlier this month on the University of Arkansas campus, and while she was in Fayetteville, she stopped by our studios to discuss civil rights related to transgender people.

The Ithacan

Asma Barlas is a professor of politics at Ithica College. She was recently in Fayetteville to deliver a lecture titled "Sex and Scripture: What Can the Qur’an Tell Us About Gender Equality?" While she was in town, she stopped by our studio to talk about her lecture topic, and to talk about how to approach conversations about such topics.

Asma Barlas, a professor of politics at Ithica College writes, teaches and lectures about gender equality and its history. She delivered a talk on the University of Arkansas campus this week, but she also stopped by the Anthony and Susan Hui News Studio to talk with us as well.