Trillium Salon Series

Monica Jordan of Paper & Wood Co.

Nearly lost works by Arkansas-born composer Florence Price (1887-1953) are being brought to modern ears this month thanks to efforts of  ​Er-Gene Kahng, violinist and music professor at the University of Arkansas.

Katy Henriksen

Ryan Cockerham and the Shadow Ensemble are bridging a 90-year gap- assuming the role that live musicians played in the flickering theaters of the silent film era, but with an entirely new set of tools and sense of imagination. Their current fixation: an icon of early science fiction, Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

"At the time, when people were making silent films, there were other people who were interested in using this medium to scare people as much as they could," says Cockerham, "As the Shadow Ensemble we find that pretty exciting."

The fall season of Trillium Salon Series launches this week with a world premiere performance of a violin duet, which the composer describes as "very meditative." 

Fayetteville-based composer and musician Ryan Cockerham explains that his piece, titled "Further Within," is music that's designed to provoke not only a response to the music but to each individual's own situation. 

“Unless we’re playing transcriptions, we’re always playing new music,” says percussionist Aaron Ragsdale.