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As voters contemplate their ballots, Jay Greene, a distinguished professor and chair of the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas, is contemplating the evolution of conservatism. That's the focus of his Honors College symposium, which will be held next spring. Greene will host a preview lecture about the subject Tuesday, Sept. 15, via Zoom.

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According to the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office, about 42,000 Arkansans cast absentee ballots in the 2018 election. Officials say that number could double or triple due as more people vote absentee because of the pandemic. Voters are being urged to vote early to ensure their ballots arrive on time and planning ahead is just one complexity facing Arkansans casting their ballots from overseas.

The Washington and Benton County Election Commissions have teamed up with a local group called Vote Safe Arkansas to make sure voting in the General Election is as safe as possible for as many people as possible. In addition to safety protocols like social distancing and plexiglass shields, they're recruiting more poll workers, raising money for PPE and launching a social media campaign.

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Early voting begins Aug. 4 for a special election in Bethel Heights and Springdale. Registered voters will be casting ballots for or against the consolidation of the city of Bethel Heights into the city of Springdale. Election officials are implementing new safety precautions in both Benton and Washington County polling sites to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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On Wednesday, protesters with the League of Women Voters of Washington County called on Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston to count more than 100,000 signatures for a proposed redistricting ballot initiative. Last week, Thurston rejected the proposal because, he says, canvassers did not adequately complete needed background checks.  

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Registered voters seeking to avoid crowded voting centers this upcoming General Election during the COVID-19 pandemic can vote absentee, according to a recent directive from Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston. Applications are required and now available online and via mail by request. Washington County Election Commission Executive Director Jennifer Price walks us through the process and timeline. 

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Late last week, Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston issued a formal opinion on absentee ballot procedures for the 2020 General Election. After fielding questions and concerns from citizens who seek to safely vote during the coronavirus pandemic, Thurston says registered voters can request absentee ballots if they expect to be “unavoidably absent” from their vote centers. Governor Asa Hutchinson says he supports the opinion, but it requires additional consideration.

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As 2020 voters go to the polls in New Hampshire's presidential primary, we listen back to a pair of stories from our show in 1992 featuring that year's Granite State primary. Matt Ferrell attended a watch part with Bill Clinton supporters and Brenda Blagg, then a reporter and columnist with The Morning News, talks about covering the Clinton campaign from New Hampshire.

Throughout November, Ozarks at Large is participating in the Purple Project for Democracy, a nonpartisan campaign that explores civics, government and public service. Today we speak with Jennifer Price, director of elections for Washington County, about how to register to vote.

The Purple Project for Democracy will stretch across several media outlets in November with the non-partisan goal of rediscovering democracy. KUAF and Ozarks at Large will explore civics, government and public service. Rebecca Winthrop, with the Brookings Institution, is an organizer of the effort.