Courtesy / Center for Governmental Research

A new, online interactive map and accompanying report assembled from research done by the Center for Governmental Research, which was funded by the Walmart Foundation, shows users food outlets throughout Benton and Washington Counties.

Courtesy, Paul K. Logsdon

For millenia food has seen dramatic shifts from cultivation to preparation. Because food and eating are intertwined in the human experience, it only makes sense that it travels from our plate to our art. 

This year the Fayetteville Roots Festival focused more intently on food, with added culinary-centered events and chefs getting equal billing as performers. 

Food Festival Returns for Fourth Year

Jun 13, 2018

The Walmart NW Arkansas Championship returns to Rogers next week. The LPGA tournament features various community events including BITE NW Arkansas, a three-day food festival that highlights local restaurants like Saiwok Vietnamese Street Food.

Margot Pollans, faculty director at Pace-NRDC Food Law Initiative, recently came to the University of Arkansas campus. During her visit, she came to the Anthony and Susan Hui News Studio to talk about the growing opportunities involved with food safety, food policy and food law.

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Much of the fall edition of Edible Ozarkansas focuses on the art of cheesemaking. Editor Amanda Cothren gives us details on the latest edition, and featured cheesemaker Kent Walker talks about getting his start making cheese, how mold is good for cheese, and about what exactly a "cheese cave" is.

Dorothy Hall, instagram @simplyonearth

Gardens in the Ozarks are not yet done providing produce. Professional chef Dorothy Hall gives us proof with the latest community supported agriculture box from Dripping Springs Garden. Ozarkansas Fresh is presented in partnership with Edible Ozarkansas.

Ozarkansas Fresh #19: Fall Freshness and Hobo Pouches

Sep 23, 2016
Dorothy Hall, instagram @simplyonearth

Chef Dorothy Hall with this week's OzarkansasFresh, which features the first official fall produce.  This segment is brought to you in partnership with Edible Ozarkansas, and with thanks to Dripping Springs Garden.

Ozarkansas Fresh #18: Greens, Greens and More Greens

Sep 16, 2016
Dorothy Hall, instagram @simplyonearth

The latest Community Supported Agriculture box from Dripping Springs Garden contains many bright leafy greens, tomatoes and more. Chef Dorothy Hall says among other ideas, much of this week's bounty can be used for salads or slaw. Ozarkansas Fresh is brought to you in partnership with Edible Ozarkansas.

The city of Fayetteville has adopted nutritional guidelines developed by the American Heart Association. The guidelines specify healthy food and beverage choices that will be placed in vending machines on city-owned or leased property. Officials say the guidelines are meant to foster a healthy atmosphere for city employees and those who conduct business with the city.

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Charlie Ayers, the former head chef at Google, believes that any kind of meal, large or small and in any setting, can be a positive experience with nourishing food. We talk with the restaurateur and author about his food philosophy.