Can You Make a Roux?

Feb 19, 2016

The inaugural Fayetteville Gumbo Cookoff takes place March 5 at the historic Ozark Mountain Smokehouse off of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. To get us prepared for the event, proceeds from which will benefit the Fayetteville Natural Heritage Association and the Lib Horn Animal Shelter, we pay a visit to Maudie Schmidt in her kitchen at Cafe Rue Orleans, to learn more about what gumbo is and how to make it.

The Red Ryder Range Model and Food

Dec 22, 2015

28 Springs drinkmaster Casey Letellier makes a holiday cocktail using pomegranate syrup and local beer, among other things.  Plus, he discusses his relationship with and his latest article in the publication Edible Ozarkansas and shares his toast to local foods in the new year. 

Bring Out Your Nog

Dec 4, 2015

This year's Nog Off spans two downtowns, 16 bartenders and several recipes.

MUSIC: "Save Your Sorrow" Eddie Heyward

A behind the scenes look at the fall edition of Edible Ozarkansas with a profile of the owner and chef of Caribe in Eureka Springs.  Plus, as Gooseberry Handmade Pies Celebrates one year of business, we look back to when the pie shop had been rolling crust for just one month. 

Supermarket Exhibits the Multicultural Nature of Springdale

Oct 18, 2015
Christina Karnatz

We tour Asian Amigo on Thompson Avenue in Springdale. The supermarket sells more than 10,000 items from around the world to the city's residents, which include Marshallese, Indian, Vietnamese, and Hispanics. The best sellers are fresh seafood and a variety of soy sauces.  

Ozarks at Large Food Podcast Ep 08: No Surf, But Plenty of Turf

Oct 7, 2015

You can keep your surf.  Just as well in a land locked state, in the latest edition of the Ozarks at Large Food Podcast, we focus on the turf.  The green grass of home: from pastured raised meats, how they’re different and how to cook them to wheatgrass; the green shoots are proving profitable for a local grower.  Plus, we have a buyer’s guide to the best fruit in the Ozarks.

Comfort Foods and Carribbean Fall

Oct 5, 2015

The latest edition of Edible Ozarkansas is now available, and the special second anniversary edition features the rich comfort foods of fall and a profile of KJ Zumwalt, chef and owner of Caribe Restaurant in Eureka Springs. KJ and Edible Ozarkansas editor Amanda Cothren recently stopped by the Carver Center for Public Radio to discuss the latest edition of the magazine's fall issue.

Planting Pawpaws in Carroll County

Sep 13, 2015
Antoinette Grajeda

Dr. Ron Eby, owner of St. Francis Veterinary Clinic near Green Forest, has more than a dozen pawpaw trees growing around his clinic. The fruit is a native tree, but perhaps not a familiar site for most Arkansans. Kentucky State University has been researching the plant since the early '90s and you can find more information about pawpaws including how to grow them at the university's website.

Ozarks at Large Food Podcast Ep 07: All You Can Eat

Sep 3, 2015

Time to load up your plate at the burgeoning buffet of stories in the Ozarks at Large Food Podcast #7. This episode’s round up of local food, farming and edible culture in the Ozarks includes an in-depth look at the art of nose to tail cooking and eating - how local chefs and foodies are putting previously unmentionable parts of beast and fowl on menus and dining tables. There’s a pint-size story on craft brewers Fossil Cove with a Core Brewery chaser. Hydroponics and helping hands - a look at a teaching garden at the Elizabeth Richardson Center’s Life Skills campus in Springdale.

Jacqueline Froelich

Mid-States Specialty Eggs, Inc. of Smithton, Missouri is building an organic egg processing and distribution plant in Berryville—the first like it in Arkansas. The new Berryville factory will stimulate both jobs and regional organic egg production.