Antoinette Grajeda

Dr. Ron Eby, owner of St. Francis Veterinary Clinic near Green Forest, has more than a dozen pawpaw trees growing around his clinic. The fruit is a native tree, but perhaps not a familiar site for most Arkansans. Kentucky State University has been researching the plant since the early '90s and you can find more information about pawpaws including how to grow them at the university's website.

Ozarks at Large Food Podcast Ep 07: All You Can Eat

Sep 3, 2015

Time to load up your plate at the burgeoning buffet of stories in the Ozarks at Large Food Podcast #7. This episode’s round up of local food, farming and edible culture in the Ozarks includes an in-depth look at the art of nose to tail cooking and eating - how local chefs and foodies are putting previously unmentionable parts of beast and fowl on menus and dining tables. There’s a pint-size story on craft brewers Fossil Cove with a Core Brewery chaser. Hydroponics and helping hands - a look at a teaching garden at the Elizabeth Richardson Center’s Life Skills campus in Springdale.

Jacqueline Froelich

Mid-States Specialty Eggs, Inc. of Smithton, Missouri is building an organic egg processing and distribution plant in Berryville—the first like it in Arkansas. The new Berryville factory will stimulate both jobs and regional organic egg production.

Ozarks at Large Food Podcast Ep 06: More Rose To Go

Aug 17, 2015

If you enjoyed hearing our piece “Rose Blooms in a Springdale Gas Station”, here’s your chance to get an exclusive cook’s tour of spices, exotic products, recipes and prepared foods at the Rose Stop in Springdale. And a chance to hear more about the life of the exceptional woman who runs it, Rose Dadras.

Rose Blooms in a Springdale Gas Station

Aug 16, 2015

  At the Rose Stop on the corner of Sunset and South Pleasant in Springdale, you’ll find a trove of exotic ingredients and a warm welcome. Rose Dadras greets regular customers with a hug and and “I love you”. Her made from scratch falafels, baklava, cakes and cutlets are prepared with care and passion for food. She says her customers are the energy source that fuel her to keep up with running a family business despite her failing health.

Jacqueline Froelich

Purchasing fresh fruit at the grocery store has become an expensive gamble. More often than not, you end up bringing home tasteless over-ripe produce. So what is the trick to purchasing good fruits? We squeeze several experts for advice.

Arkansas' Only Legal Grass Dealer

Aug 9, 2015
Christina Karnatz

Wheatgrass, that is. Wheatgrass Express in Springdale celebrates its first anniversary this week. The urban farm specializes in wheatgrass, pea shoots, and sunflower shoots, in addition to specialty products on a per order basis. Harvesting and delivering every day.

The kids are heading back to school and we’re clinging onto the last scraps of summer by our fingernails. So join the Ozarks at Large Food Podcast for a final summer fling. We’ll take a trip to an exotic foreign land - via a gas station in Springdale. We’ll cool off with a locally made, all natural frozen fruit pop. And we’ll sip some refreshing hard apple cider at Northwest Arkansas’ newest cidery.

An exclusive look between the covers of the newest edition of Edible Ozarkansas, a discussion about what goes into a good squirrel recipe, an insider tip on how to cook Afghan-style rice, and a pronunciation guide for an obscure but delicious ingredient in Indian food. This edition of the Ozarks at Large Food Podcast is an audio plateful. 

International Cuisine in the Ozarks

Jul 2, 2015
Edible Ozarkansas

Award-winning local food publication Edible Ozarkansas is out with its latest issue. This edition highlights some of the global cuisines that are cooked and served in the homes of immigrants in our area. We speak to Edible Ozarkansas editor Amanda Cothren and contributing writer and chef Dorothy Hall about spice, color, community, and scratch 'n' sniff covers.