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The nonprofit urban teaching farm, Apple Seeds, in Fayetteville demonstrates the science and art of turning food scraps and leaf debris into rich compost for use as a soil ammendment in the garden. Established in 1997, Apple Seeds' mission is to teach school kids, teachers and community members the roots of organic and sustainable gardening as well as healthy foodways. 

For about 30 years, the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture has produced the Rural Profile of Arkansas. The biennial report aims to provide a greater understanding of the social, demographic and economic conditions in rural and urban regions in the state. According to the 2021 report, the trend of loss of businesses in rural areas and continuing migration of youth and talent to urban areas is continuing.

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Cattle ranchers across the state are working hard to protect their herds from record low temperatures and heavy snowfall. Newborns calves are the most vulnerable to the cold and one Huntsville family is sheltering young cows by moving them into their kitchen.

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A grant from the Kellogg Company is providing 30 irrigation timers to manage water useage on approximately 15,000 acres of rice fields in the Arkansas delta. The program is a partnership with the Nature Conservancy in Arkansas and part of the food giant's effort to help a million farmers in the U.S.

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The Northwest Arkansas Land Trust was recently awarded a major grant from the Walton Family Foundation to help farmers seeking land and resources to grow fruits and vegetables for local wholesale markets to meet growing demand.

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A new certificate program from the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is offering training for aspiring farmers in an effort to reinvigorate the state's small farms and develop local foodways. 

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The outbreak of COVID-19 has hit the agriculture supply chain hard and devastated farms across the nation. However, some smaller, local farms are seeing a spike in community supported agriculture - where consumers subscribe to a weekly box of fresh fruits, vegetables and more directly from producers.

Through Northwest Arkansas Food Systems, the Walton Family Foundation is working to expand opportunities for farmers and increase consumers' access to fresh products. The goal is to position the region as a national model for local food grown in healthy soil.

Northwest Arkansas Farmers Adapt Businesses Amid Pandemic

May 6, 2020
Courtesy / White River Creamery

Farmers have had to adjust the way they sell their products to the public amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses like White River Creamery and Fat Top Farm have tried new services like home delivery and reaching farmers market customers through a smartphone app.

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Worries about food scarcity and hoarding during the COVID-19 pandemic are spurring more Americans to home garden for the first time. Farmer Lindi Phillips, who operates Willowmeade Farm in Prairie Grove, has been responding to online queries on where to dig and what is best to plant on the Ozarks bioregion. She's also sharing gardening advice on her Facebook page as well via her Instagram @matriarkie.