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The Public Policy Center at the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is providing unbiased election information in an effort to aid voter education. The center shares information about the voting process and ballot issues through a physical voter guide and a website.

Courtesy / Daniel Huck

According to the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office, about 42,000 Arkansans cast absentee ballots in the 2018 election. Officials say that number could double or triple due as more people vote absentee because of the pandemic. Voters are being urged to vote early to ensure their ballots arrive on time and planning ahead is just one complexity facing Arkansans casting their ballots from overseas.

The Washington and Benton County Election Commissions have teamed up with a local group called Vote Safe Arkansas to make sure voting in the General Election is as safe as possible for as many people as possible. In addition to safety protocols like social distancing and plexiglass shields, they're recruiting more poll workers, raising money for PPE and launching a social media campaign.

Courtesy / City of Fayetteville

Early voting begins today in Fayetteville in a special election that would authorize the issuing of $226 million in bonds for a slew of projects.

Courtesy / Washington County Election Commission

Starting Tuesday, Fayetteville residents will vote on ten questions pertaining to a proposed bond package that would fund various projects throughout the city. If approved by voters, question six would put $3.2 million toward economic development bonds.

Courtesy / Washington County Election Commission

With early voting beginning in a week for Fayetteville's special bond election, we look at issue three of ten. If approved by voters, issue three could help the city fund construction of a variety of trails projects.

Courtesy / Washington County Election Commission

Early voting begins in just more than a week for a special bond election in Fayetteville. While voters will be asked ten questions on the ballot, nine of them are dependant upon passage of the first measure on the ballot.

When early voting begins Oct. 24th, there will be two new locations in Fort Smith for Sebastian County residents to cast their ballot. Harvest Time, at 3100 Briarcliff Ave., and the Creekmore Community Center, 3301 S. M St., are two of five early voting sites.